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hkl's travels

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Starting my journalism career as an editor with the German computer management magazine Markt&Technik years ago, aviation magazines like Fliegermagazin and Aerokurier followed, as well as Lufthansa Publications and major newspapers like Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) and Die Welt. For Focus-Online I analysed the recent major airline crashes.

As an editor in chief for different company magazines several journalism trainees got their professional background under my assistance. Not an easy way some may have experienced, but once succeeded, everything else seems like a piece of cake.

Holding seminars and teaching at universities also is part of my profession. Main subjects are journalistic issues like research and interview training, science communication, creative technical writing, project management, intercultural communication and web design. For students I try to make their lessons unique, challenging and loaded with practical information for their daily professional life. Technical documentation can be informative and yet fun to read and understand. Based on creativity and brains of the writer.


Below you can find more information about Helga Kleisny:

Educational Background

  • University Degree: Diplom-Ingenieur der Technischen Physik der Technischen Universität Wien, Österreich
  • Postgraduate Marketing
  • Postgraduate Psychology (Communications)
  • Aviation: Pilot (+600 hrs) and skydiver (plus 2000 jumps, instructor) since more than 20 years
  • Privat Pilot License Land and Sea (US and German)
  • Fluent in English and German and familiar with many other languages

Tools(I enjoy working with)

  • Mac-Environment (incuding all mobile devices), Scanner, Fax.
  • High speed internet (t-dsl), Adobe, iworks.
  • Nikon (digital).
  • conventional Cessna 172 and Seaplanes (Cubs)
  • and last but not least: my Silhouette (PD parachute).


I like

  • all kinds of sports, especially hiking in AZ (scrambling up mountains ...original words by Kevin Crosby in Parachutist, 12/2004) and inline skating all year round ...
  • …and riding roller coasters – the faster the better.
  • Maths (Logic) and Physics
  • different cultures and interactions between humans and also machines are quite interesting subjects. We will face more of the latter in the future I am sure.
  • foreign countries: worked and lived in the US (Florida: software engineer) and East Asia (Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore)


    Science is fun to explore

Curiosity and an open mind
to things and behaviours different to
the ones we already know and use
are a basic drive in evolution and in life.

If you do what you always did
you will get what you always got.

If you are not living on the edge
and not trying to explore beyond tight borders in your daily routine
you are using up to much space.


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