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Skydiving as well as flying has nothing to do with being brave or wild or weird. Especially skydiving requires discipline, knowledge and preparation before each jump. Then any skydive will provide you with joy and happiness and experiences you have never dreamed of before.

Norman Kent is one of the best freefall photographers. Parts of the spoken text in his latest video: "Willing to Fly" are included in my 5th book Warum Fliegen sich im Kino langweilen.* The book is in German, sorry fellows. Such it might be of primer interest to European skydivers speaking German.

* "Why Flies get bored at the Movies"

With the pictures of also very well known photographer Max Dereta the famous Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung printed a story about wingsuits and the fixed wing of the Germans: Birdmen (jpg) (sorry, German only)


.......Dum corpus cadit animus assurgit.......

A few pictures from 2011/2012 jumping at Z-Hills, with my international friends:

I enjoyed all of our jumps, the small ones and the bigger groups (mostly on weekends). And there are still a lot of awesome freefall videos present, thanks to GoPro and to Guðmundur Ásgeirsson. The Z-Hills Reunion (Zephyrhills from the other side, 40ways out of DC-3s) was an evening to remember. 

Event and skydiving related reports:

Skydiving Pictures


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