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My life is dedicated to aviation. For more than 20 years now I have been a pilot and skydiver and I am enjoying it each time more when I get to move my body and my spirits 3-dimensional in the air.

Everybody should have the possibility to get up in the air and ex aperience the beauty of our blue planet and see it from a different perspective.

Numerous articles in aviation magazines and newspapers, a study about German Satellite Airports, lectures and instructions for pilots and airport controllers, as well as a lot of opinion-leading talks and other ways of getting people with different perspectives of things together are my means as a journalist to a better understanding of the fascination of aviation.

Skydiving as well as flying has nothing to do with being brave or wild or weird. Especially skydiving requires discipline, knowledge and preparation before each jump. Then any skydive will provide you with joy and happiness and experiences you have never dreamed of before.

With Cesare Baj, THE Seaplane pilot in Europe. At his famus seaplane Base at Lake Como in his rare and beautiflu L19 plane.
With Cesare Baj, THE seaplane pilot in Europe. At his famous Seaplane Base in his rare and beautiful L19 plane. Just before a flight at the 3rd German Seaplane Day at Lake Como.



Aviation is a challenge. In its complexity aviation requires full awareness of all participants. In reward the sky supplies mankind with movement in three dimensions; it gives the human body abilities and joy never experienced on the surface of the earth.

Blue Skies!

For once you have tasted flight
You will walk the earth with
your eyes turned skywards,
for there you have been and
there you will long to return.

Leonardo da Vinci






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One day in the life of Helga Kleisny: German Seaplane Rating on river Mosel, truck driving and working with a bulldozer on an apron… all in one day.


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