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With the start of the fresh, new and updated website (available in English and German) there should also follow posts here again. Here the subject of the posts can be more divers than on which tends to focus on aviation, future technology and man machine issues.

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TV spots shown during a suspense-packed TV series are usually the time when I check my mail. There are two exceptions: Apple commercials and this Citibank spot (I have no relation whatsoever to this bank):


Music: The singer is a charming female pop/rock artist named L.P. (Laura Pergolizzi), here is a another video to the music of “Somebody left the gate open”.

Also the rock climbers in the TV spot are not enhanced by any any digital means: Katie Brown and Alex Honnold are real life rock climbers, Katie Brown is ranked as one of the top free climbers in the world.
In the commercial she is climbing one of the Fisher Towers near Moab, in the deserts of Utah. A GoPro Camera on her head took the short sequence where she looks on her feet.
Girls Rock!

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This country and its inhabitants are unbelievable.

One day in Athens and a book to write.

You arrive at 2 am at the hotel on a Sunday morning and the hotel clerk hands you a bus schedule for the hotel bus going downtown.
A few hours later, at 12 am, you wait for the bus.
“Oh, this one does not go today”.
Fine, you think, then we wait for the next one.
“There is no bus going today, its Sunday.”
Besides that the schedule says everyday, besides that she knew we would be departing Monday morning at 5 am and still had given us the schedule, besides that we had waited for two hours for this bus…
…you are still in a good mood and make your way to the next public bus station, only to wait for another 25 minutes, to finally get transported by a squeaking, overloaded, overaged, undermaintained vehicle for another 45 minutes to the center of Athens.
To the Akropolis. Because it is the great Greek and human history you are interested in.
That seems to have been aeons ago.

When you buy your ticket (14 Euros!) they remind you that the Akropolis will close in an hour, at 3 pm. Closing at 3 pm on a warm, sunny, perfect Sunday. Lots of tourists, that still would like to hike up the hill and (maybe not like it but) still would pay good Euros for their visit to the Greek heritage. Still six hours of sunny daylight left.
Looks like people in Athens and Greece do not need to earn money.

Half an hour later four lady clerks try to push you out of the fenced part of the hill. “We are closing.” Fine, they just want to leave 20 minutes early.

You think that cannot be topped until the taxi driver smiles at you and says:
“Did you have a great time at the Akropolis? The entrance is free on Sundays, thats why so many people are there today…”
Your (payed) ticket had been checked for validation three times…

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Finally I have (physically and mentally) arrived in Germany again. After a terrific year in the US (which I miss already and all my friends there, yes that means you and you…) my life focus is back on this side of the ocean, for the time being.

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The German and the English blog of Helga Kleisny have different content. I travel a lot and such things that might be relevant to some parts of the world might be less interesting for the German spoken world. And vice versa. If you can and want, you are invited to read both parts.

Things mentioned in this blog are things that crossed my life. Reseach is done in my usual journalist’s way as far as truth is concerned.

Blog entries differ from a regular journalist’s article in the way, that there will not be necessarily other products of the same category mentioned in comparison.

Whatever I read and see may be noted – as long as my real life leaves me the time to put it online. Which may be an even bigger preclusion.

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