Apple: About a new Design and Form and Function

Form Follows Function is one of the basics of better design. This was the way Steve Jobs convinced most intelligent people on this earth to use his products – for whose they never before even had a need of.

Apple-CEO Tim Cook tells everybody now, he never intended to invent cheap products, like a less expensive new iPhone.

That’s fine with me. Apple products so far used to have something in common with skydiving: They are not meant to be for everybody, just for those individuals who are able to respect and appreciate the differences to everybody elses life.

What I cannot tolerate is, when the design gets cheap, a look-alike to Androids. Despite the price.

Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.

When the ultra thin lines of the letters are not readable anymore in difficult light conditions, in cars at nights, cinemas, parking garages…

When the colours resemble the most ugly composition I have encountered so far. No matter what background you choose to not interfere with the horrible combination of colours.

And fingerprints – once they are stored on a device – are only data. Same as passwords. And can such be misused and stolen by hackers everywhere in this world. Nothing new to that for any mediocre technician.

Steve Jobs, hope, you don’t have to see that.

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