16 Years Old – Child or Adult?

Last night I saw a documentary on abcNews about Jeffrey Eppstein. Besides that he obviously was a quite disgusting man, a sex offender, and rightly sent to prison, the one hour long documentary raised some further thinking.

The female victims, all minors at the time of the offence, emphasized in the film, that they were children at that time, around 16 years, a few older, some even younger. That you can influence some 11 year old girls easily by promising them money I fully agree. (Though it would not have worked with me.)

But if we consider a 16 year old as not responsible for his or her actions why do we believe in Greta Thunbergs mission? She moved the world when she was only 16, she influenced world leaders, CEOs and you and me.

Do we have different scales in both cases?

Now: Is a 16 year old girl capable of turning the world and influencing our future or is she not even capable of making decisions in her own life?

Why did some of the girls fly ten or more times on his private jet to his private island or other destinations, when it was clear at least after the first encounter, what the man wanted from them?

The documentary showed a horrible man, no doubt about that. So, why on earth did those girls repeatedly come to him, if they did not want what he asked for his money?

It was mentioned several times that he abused three girls per day. With that amount of young girls going in and out of his mansion it must have been common knowledge among female teenagers in the area how this system worked. Why could the people around him still recruit further “new” girls?

Also in the often shown picture of the girl with Prince Andrew she has a bright smile on her face, she looks happy, and her body position is relaxed. She was a minor at that time and such the relation was illegal. But at least the picture does not reflect her later claims of abuse. Am I the only one seeing this?

Some of the presented facts do not match for me.

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