So far nine books have been published from author Helga Kleisny. The topics vary from computers to cats to future technologies (Bionics). Up to 10000 copies per book have been sold. All Books are written and published in German besides one French edition. Since 2004 Helga Kleisny was editor in chief for the book "Das Deutsche Ingenieur-Handbuch" published by «Deutscher Ingenieur Verlag» (DIV), Bonn. Her newest book helps authors to easily publish their work as an e-book: "E-Books Erstellen" (Franzis-Verlag).


Bärli and Red-Nosed

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Bärlie and Red-Nosed is lovingly illustrated by Michael Stefer and humorously written by Helga Kleisny: An aircraft captain and an aviation journalist combine in Corona times the charm of Janosch drawings, the illustrious world of Alice in Wonderland and the wisdom of The Little Prince in a book. More…

This book has been published in English January 2021 at

To the German version: Bärli und der Rotnasige.

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Das Deutsche Ingenieur-Handbuch


Das Deutsche Ingenieur-Handbuch

Management Techniques for Engineers1.

Edition 2004 (German)
49,90 Euro



Warum Fliegen sich im Kino langweilen

(Why flies get bored at the movies) is a humorous book about successful strategies in our daily life. About technical developments and research that may concern us in the future. Bionics as the strategy tool for the future. The press liked it – you might like it too…


Warum Fliegen sich im Kino langweilen 


Broschure – 200 pages
ISBN 3-8311-0155-8
2nd edition 2001
17.79 Euro

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Abenteuer Internet

(Internet Adventure) has been written as a resource for my journalism university students. But the humorous written information might be useful for others as well … .


Abenteuer Internet


Broschure - 250 pages
ISBN 3-8311-2215-6
First edition: 2001

18.90 euroBook order



Mit dem Macintosh ins Internet

(With the Mac into the Net) 2




Mit dem Macintosh ins Internet

For Power-Macs

Hard Cover - 280 pages
Smart Books Publishing AG
First edition: 2002
ISBN 3-908489-70-9
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Mit dem Macintosh ins Internet

(With the Mac into the Net) (1)


Mit dem Macintosh ins Internet

For Non-Power-Macs

Hard Cover - 227 Seiten
Smart Books Publishing AG
First edition: 1997
ISBN 3-908488-36-2
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Meine erste Katze

(My first cat)


Meine erste Katze (My first cat)

Where to get your first cat – how to feed it and care for it – and how to understand the needs from your new family member. Every day life from the view of your kitten.

Broschure – 176 pages

Weltbildverlag (Naturbuch Verlag)
First editon: 1995ISBN 3-89440-275-X



Mon premier chat


Mon Premier Chat

French edition of the cat book

Hard cover - 175 pages
Éditions Nature Auzou
First editon: 1997
ISBN 2-7338-0500-2