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New in August 2021: Book #2 is published in English.



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The Corona Book

Spring 2020 was the time when the world as we knew it went unhinged. During these difficult months for many all over the world, some stood up for others with all their skills: doctors, nurses, but also musicians who played music on their balconies and enchanted the surrounding listeners. For everyone, as an encouragement, as a distraction from the discomfort caused by the Corona crisis.

This book was created based on the same thought (and due to the lack of singing skills of the two contributors).
May it strengthen the view on diversity, the focus on your own skills and proficiency and how important each individual is – especially in difficult times.

And if it makes you smile – all the better. Because we all need encouragement and cheerful thoughts during challenging times.

With this in mind – :-) we hope you enjoy the book, whatever age you are…

Michael Stefer
is the artist behind the illustrations. Michael is captain 
of a major airline in his regular life and has more than 15.000 hours flight time. He used the Corona lockdowns and the weeks in between to bring you joy with his art work.

Helga Kleisny
is an aviation journalist with more than 750 hours flight time. She is an author, skydives and flies seaplanes. 
Helga had the idea for this book, wrote the lyrics and designed the layout.

The two authors firmly believe that you can achieve more with a positive approach than with a raised forefinger. And that you are more likely to achieve desired states if you already visualize them as normal states.

Have fun reading the books and watching the videos!


Testimonials for the German edition can be seen on the Youtube channel for Bärli und der Rotnasige in a magical video.


All books are available at amazon.com

To the German book version: Bärli und der Rotnasige.

Reviews of the book

Animated movies of the first book in an English and a German version.


What's Next?

If you want to know how the adventures of Baerlie and Red-Nosed continue, how the two travel even further and enjoy science – the third book is planned.

Please check out YouTube: Bärli und der Rotnasige and follow us. There you also can watch the English videos.

We are still planning on a Making-of video to let you look behind the scenes of the project.

But only if you are interested. :-)


Videos with Baerlie and Red-Nosed

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Book 1

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Link to Book 1 in English: Baerlie and Red-Nosed, at amazon.com


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"And that flies?" Red-nosed still cautiously says.
"On the water it first rides like a boat, then we water ski and as soon as we are fast enough it takes off and flies like an airplane," says the pilot with a smile.
"You will see it in a moment." 
Now skydiving?
The Red-nosed winces and sighs.
"Are you worried?" the pilot asks empathetically.
"Well, yes," the Red-nosed replies cautiously, "I have ... a little ... Jitters about jumping out of a perfectly good airplane."
"Fear," says the pilot with a smile, "is a very useless emotion.
It paralyzes and limits your abilities tremendously.
Respect for the forces of nature (and physics) is good and necessary. That is why I will show you exactly what you have to do and when."




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It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.

Sir Edmund Hillary, mountaineer and explorer (20 Jul 1919-2008)