As physicist, pilot, skydiver and journalist I composed numerous articles and feature stories in the past decades. Many high class media assigned stories to me and printed them.

All started with print articles in Markt&Technik for the themes: computer and software, followed by: Editor at the German leading aviation magazine Fliegermagazin (5 years of innovative aviation stories, responsibe for the technology part of the magazine), Editor in Charge, responsible for communications and PR at German Air Navigation Services for their magazine: transmission.

Since January 2013 all my publications happen online. Flugundzeit is the German online Aviation and Space Magazine by Helga Kleisny. It functiones as a thought-provoking impulse for more than its major subjects: aviation and space. Future technology is not only relevant in aviation – bionics and artificial intelligence will influence our lives in many respects. Food for thought is good for everyone and especially for pilots of all kinds.

A major aspect of Flugundzeit are facts. Wild guesses and speculations have no place at all on this website.* This is especially important with aircraft incidents and crashes when most of the facts are not known (yet). Flugundzeit has an outstanding and exemplary position in the online world in that.

*Exemptions may be few petite humorous contributions, which are posted to lighten the mood of the reader and give the feeling of relief, when reading about too many severe crashes otherwise might become burdersome.

Flugundzeit started in January 2013 at the German Scienceblogs ( From April 2016 on the magazine moved to its own web page:


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European ScienceblogBLOG: Euroscientist Blog

Articles at the German Magazine Focus-Online you will find at (search for Kleisny). Some  Einige Examples are mented in this webpage as well.

Piloten unter Druck: Die unterschätzte Gefahr: Der Absturz der polnischen Präsidentenmaschine zeigt, wie ernst man Sicherheitsbedenken von Piloten und Lotsen nehmen muss. Prominente Passagiere wollen es nicht selten besser wissen…

2. Beitrag zum Air France 447 Absturz Die spärlichen Infos zum Absturz des Airbus haben zu wilden Spekulationen über die Ursachen geführt. FOCUS-Online klopft die einzelnen Theorien auf die Faktenlage ab.

1. Beitrag zum Air France 447 Absturz (FOCUS-Online)

Spanair-Katastrophe: Die möglichen Szenarien des Unglücks
Von FOCUS-Online-Autorin Helga Kleisny. Eines der zwei Triebwerke der MD-80 fing knapp nach dem Abheben Feuer. Da war die mit 173 Personen besetzte Maschine ...

Konkurrenz für Airbus und Boeing, 3. August 2008. Wo Airbus und Boeing nichts zu bieten haben, nutzen andere die Lücke als Chance: der brasilianische Hersteller Embraer und ...


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