Creation and organizing of the first German Seaplane Day

Seaplane flying in Germany was nearly non existent before the actions of the fírst German Seaplane Day in 2009. The fírst German Seaplane Day took place in Germany at river Mosel. In 2010 besides all difficulties I organized it a second time, this time in England and the third and last German Seaplane Day took place in 2011 at Lake Como.

Since then The German Seaplane Day experienced many followers who fortunately followed our footsteps and ideas. Like some German Pilot Magazines who had before refused printed articles about seaplane flying with: "Oh, we already had published one article about seaplanes last year" now started printing articles about seaplanes one after the other. Cool

Even the American Seaplane Magazine Waterflying, who had told me, none of their readers would be interested in reading an article about an event in Europe (!) has since then – new chief editor – published some articles about seaplane flying in Europe.

The success of the idea to present the enchantment of seaplane flying to the general public seems to propagate now by itsself. What more can you ask when you initiate a project that size, organize it internationally and do all the press work?



Flighttime Radio

Lufthansa Flight Crew Info, magazine for airline pilots

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung